Kayak Rack Holder

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The ultimate companion for water enthusiasts seeking a secure and efficient way to transport their kayak. This holder provides a reliable solution for ensuring your kayak travels safely to your favourite water destinations

  • Material: Sporting a sleek black colour, this carrier is made from robust plastic metal for long-lasting use
  • Dimensions: 22 x 8cm
  • Set Includes: 4 x Carriers, 4 x Kayak holder, 8 x fasteners, 2 x drawstrings, 8 x screw nut screws
  • Protection: Equipped with soft pads, it helps prevent potential scratches and damage to your kayak or canoe during transport
  • Load Capacity: It offers the ability to load your kayak or canoe from either side of the vehicle, providing added convenience
  • Features: 4 adjustable supports, accommodate different types of kayaks or canoes for a perfect fit. Can be fastened and released to your roof rack system in seconds. Ability to load your kayak or canoe from either side of the vehicle

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