Universal Load Rack - Double Cab

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A no-nonsense Universal Load Rack for Double Cab combines strength with simplicity, transforming your vehicle into a reliable workhorse for all your hauling requirements.

  • Material: High-quality aluminium
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 27.8kg
  • Dimensions: L = 115cm | W = 130-155cm adjustable | H = 30-50cm adjustable from bin top | Bin mount width = 6.5cm
  • Load Capacity: 500kg distributed load capacity | 350kg point load capacity
  • Fitment: Universal Basket Compatibility: Easily fits universal basket on top tonneau covers. Designed to fit over tonneau covers, offering great versatility fits on internally lipped bins (Ford, Hilux, Navara, Triton, Isuzu, Amarok, GWM) | Drill mount available on outside lip load bins (NP300, Mahindra, Defender, Isuzu, Cruiser)
  • Features: Easy assembly & mounting | Clamp method, no drilling needed
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